Read Along With Us!

Are you ready to read along with us as we explore A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle chapter-by-chapter? That’s awesome!

We are FIRM believers in buying books! Especially from local, small bookstores. Katy’s favorite local bookstore is Dragonfly Books in Decorah, IA — she even worked there throughout most of college! Kailina’s favorite bookstore is Longfellow Books in Portland, ME, because they will order her any book she wants if they don’t already have it. She’s also a big supporter of Nonesuch Books and PRINT: A Bookstore!

We believe in buying books from these local shops because “bookstores — as Joyce Meskis has helped to teach us — become community destinations featuring an array of additional attraction such as reading groups and writing classes. The appeal of spending time with other readers is considerable. Bookstores are clubs, open to all with common ideals and interests.” Every community should have a place for people to connect with storytelling and narrative because it’s one of the strongest ways to foster connection and relationship between people. It’s always one of the best ways for humans to build the skills necessary for empathy and compassion.

So, if you’re planning on reading along with us, then PLEASE, go support your local bookstore! We can practically guarantee you that they will have a copy of this classic book for your reading pleasure. However, if you can’t afford a copy of the book — then go support your local library! We believe in supporting libraries for the same reasons (and more) that we believe in supporting local bookstores. If that’s still not an accessible option for you, then please email us at We want every one of our listeners to have access to this book. So, please reach out if a copy of the text is inaccessible to you. We will help make it happen!

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