Awareness: Mrs. Who (A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter 2)

Listen now to Episode 3: Awareness: Mrs. Who (A Wrinkle in Time, Chapter 2)

Katy begins this episode by sharing a story about a stressful road trip.

Kailina points out the rampant sexism in the small community where Meg lives. Katy affirms this, and they discuss the role that sexism plays in both the lives of girls and women, as well as in shaping the masculinity of the twins, Sandy and Dennys. They discuss the lack of concern that the townspeople, and especially the educators, in this community have for the trauma that the Murry family is currently experiencing.

During the sacred practice, Lectio Divina, they reflect on how to create a fuller picture of the world by carefully crafting our questions to others.

Upon reflection, our conversations this episode seemed to revolve around one concept: Awareness. Becoming more aware of how you communicate. Becoming more deeply aware of your world by choosing your language carefully. Lack of awareness of the way you impact others.

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