The Team


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Kailina Mills – Co-host, Editor, and Media Manager

Kailina is an early childhood educator from Portland, ME. She’s currently pursuing her M.Ed. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education at Antioch University New England. She received her B.A. from Goddard College, where she studied Early Childhood Education, Social Justice Education, and Outdoor Education. Kailina enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, making music, nerding out about Harry Potter, and trying to radically change the world on a daily basis.


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Katy Roets – Co-host

Katy graduated this past May from Luther College with a B.A. in History; she additionally spent several years studying early childhood and secondary education, with special focuses in alternative schooling philosophies and social justice curriculum. She is currently based in Decorah, Iowa, and plans to spend the next year exploring and applying to various seminaries and divinity schools. She is most passionate about community music making, exploring the natural world around her, reading deeply into beloved literary worlds, and spending time with her fiancé, Branch, and their cat-son, Samwise. Katy tries to radiate joy and inspire radical loving inclusion wherever she goes.



Philip Englund Mathieu – Theme Song Creator

Philip is a musician, educator, and entrepreneur from Freedom, NH. His interests range from music production to astronomy to automotive engineering.  He currently works full time as an outdoor educator while preparing to launch his first venture.
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Evi Tampold – Logo Artist

Evi Tampold is a visual artist and comic creator living in Toronto. Evi has been drawing and painting from a young age and has presented her two graphic novels at the Graphic Medicine conference in 2016 in Riverside CA and the 2017 conference in Dundee, Scotland. Evi’s books are sold through Caversham Bookseller, North America’s largest psychiatric bookseller. She is currently pursuing an individualized studies degree at Goddard College, Vermont.

Follow her on Instagram: @evizoa